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intuitive, evidence-informed support in English and Spanish

holistic sleep consultant
and doula


certified holistic sleep consultant (HSC)
certified birth and postpartum doula (DTI)
womb care companion/pelvic health consultant (mujeres bachué, brm)
somatic movement informed practice (kaj,sw)
babywearing consultant (clauWi)

human rights advocate

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doula support in Berlin
 companionship offerings

Every person is traveling through their
own unique journey. 

Let's start a conversation to find a way in which I could accompany you in yours.

about me
about me

From considering conceiving, early pregnancy, through childbirth prep, giving birth, and postpartum recovery and growth, every person can benefit from counting on someone close they trust. A doula and holistic sleep consultant is someone who the family can ask every question, listen and tell  stories they can both learn from, and someone they lean on from the heart. Having experienced this need firsthand during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time, I was determined to dive deeper and further in the various teachings that could prepare me to accompany families in these journeys. Being a mother, carrying ancestral birth and postpartum healing knowledge passed on through my maternal lineage, having pursued various education degrees, and having served hundreds of families from around the world in Berlin has prepared me for offering a soulful and evidence-based companionship.

After graduating from my masters in Cultural Studies, I have deepened my birth work understanding through the childbirth expert Dr. Michel Odent's paramanadoula symposium, the trainings offered by traditional midwives from the Colombian Muisca people, and have been certified as a birth and postpartum doula by DTI (Doula Trainings International). DTI is an educational and ground-breaking community that focuses on compassion and competence through cultural awareness, social justice and inclusivity in their full-spectrum doulas' education. I have pursued further trainings through ClauWi's Babywearing Consultant education, Womb Healing studies offered by Indigiemama, the Cultured Doula Program offered by the Gena Kirby University, Spinningbabies trainings with Jennifer Walker, and a Holistic Sleep Program certified consultant. I gladly support families in either English or Spanish, while also being proficient in German. 

I've been offering my doula care services to support families in their choices strongly believing everyone's voice and preferences must be heard and respected. I offer my services so you can have continuity in the care of someone you know from the start, with whom you connect, someone whose first priority is you and your baby. My objective is that you can own your journey and can empower yourself through it while feeling heard, seen, and all-round supported.

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"When someone you care about doesn't get the birth experience she longed for"

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The Many Body and Soul's Transformations when Welcoming Life

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Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond: Audio Relaxation Program

by childbirth educator, prenatal yoga instructor and doula Rachel Yellin

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Your Baby's Sleeping Habits:

"Do what works for your family and trust yourself to know your baby better than any external authority" by co-sleeping expert James McKenna 

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"Following a path of self-discovery and learning everything we could about all aspects of childbirth, my husband and I decided to do a freebirth at home. Carolina gave us the additional trust, peace and strength we needed for this special moment in our lives. I had a beautiful, painfree, ecstatic birth experience that turned me into a woman who will never again let her own truth be pushed aside by complacency or fear.

Many people do not understand the benefits of working with a doula. "So what did she do then?", I am often asked. So much! During the birth of my daughter, she constantly made sure everything was right to keep me in my flow and to keep the oxytocin coming. She watched the environment, the light, the background noises, made sure I drank, ate (and peed!), kept my feet warm, and much more. This is the greatest contrast to many other birth assistants: Carolina would never tell you what to do, but only make gentle suggestions. She artfully masters a birth assistant's most crucial skill: Being present without interfering. I am infinitely grateful to Carolina for her brave and kind heart."


“Before I met Carolina, I didn’t know what a doula really is. She was more than just company. She supported me very well and removed all the anxiety I had during labour, breathed with me when every contraction came, and being in a big hospital, she was always by my side. I was clinging onto her as my real mum! I couldn’t have done this without her. I was really saved by her warm big heart.”


“Carolina is a particularly powerful resource for those families coming from other cultures and backgrounds who need assistance navigating German systems for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life. She is intelligent, deeply caring, and empathetic to the needs and wishes of babies and their families. She is able to connect with babies and children in an exceptionally responsive way. I learned a lot about interacting with my baby and subsequently small child from watching her. I strongly believe that anyone will be very fortunate to have Carolina help them through the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the first months with a new baby. Carolina is simply a gem with an unusually high commitment to helping new families with her knowledge, intuition, intelligence, and heart. ”



“I don't speak German so navigating a new city with two small children was a bit daunting but I wasn't sure what would be available in terms of 'help' as I didn't want a nanny, childminder or nursery. It turns out Carolina, as a postpartum doula, was the perfect solution! It was easy for all three of us to quickly like and trust her. She was very helpful discussing many issues including toddler behaviour, baby sleep etc. I would describe Carolina as intuitive, empathetic, calm and very knowledgeable.”


“Carolina supported me a lot during my pregnancy and after giving birth. For me, she was a very lovely friend. On top of her all-round help, she  really listened to me.”


“I want to recommend the services of a doula who helped me a lot after my birth. After giving birth, so many hormonal and other big changes happen and it is so worth counting with support from a well-prepared doula, if the mother needs it, especially emotionally. She is sweet, very well prepared, she is a mother herself and knows what it feels like after giving birth. Carolina pointed me in the right direction with what I needed, heard me and even helped me find a midwife. I recommend her 100%.”


“Carolina has such a gentle, intuitive touch with babies and is very caring and kind… exactly the kind of presence you would want at your side in childbirth and postpartum.”


“As soon as we found Carolina, we knew that we had found the right person. She immediately put us at ease with her gentleness and warmth. As new parents, we were often worried about whether we were doing everything wrong, but watching Carolina, who was so confident, reassuring, and obviously skilled with our daughter, we felt like we had found someone who could give us advice. We’re so grateful that we had her help during our time in Berlin, and we know that anyone lucky enough to work with her will feel the same”




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