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Every birth journey and postpartum time is unique. 

The following are a few of the optional services 

I can support you with.

Our free initial video-call will allow us to find

what can best match your needs.

birth companion

* Looking within during pregnancy

towards a gentle and empowering birth and a conscious parenting experience

* Support in both intuitive and evidence-based decisions 
inspired by an always respectful birthing process

* Emotional, informational, and psychological companionship which includes:

 • Two prenatal meetings talking through your wishes, fears, and hopes
writing your envisioned birth

* Discussing and practicing comfort measures for a trusted and confident journey

• Being on-call for two weeks before and after your estimated date of birth

• Constant support during active labor, birth, and golden newborn hour

• One postpartum session within the first 10 days after the birth


• Continuous phone and email support

(currently available for birth companionship in Berlin
for estimated due dates from September 2019 on only)

postpartum sessions

•Newborn care guidance:

Answering questions and offering tips regarding normal baby needs and care habits

• Baby care support:

Caring for your newborn while you rest, have time for yourself or
spend time with your older children

• Breastfeeding or alternate feeding support:

Guiding in techniques, problem-solving and emotional support regarding baby-feeding

• Birth experience:

Support in processing your birth story or in re-owning the story after a difficult birth

• Babywearing consult: 
As a Babywearing Consultant trained with ClauWi, I can guide you in the various options to carry your newborn and the basic carries in a woven wrap that are safe and practical for you and your baby

• Child care for siblings:

Spending time with your older children so you can focus on your newborn

• Basic errands:

Running basic errands going to the local supermarket or drugstore, for example

• Integration in the city as a new parent:

Offering information about how to navigate being a parent in Berlin supporting you with community resources and medical or especialized referrals according to your needs

• Continuous email support:

Answering questions you may have regarding childcare and family's well-being 


individual in-person or virtual consultation

•Looking for a one-time meeting for extra-support during your pregnancy or postpartum period?

One 2 hours meeting with doula guidance regarding giving birth in Berlin and
finding the right way for you and your family to feel more at ease and calm about the experience of becoming a new parent. 

Eight years ago, I arrived to Berlin as a Humanities graduate student. Being raised in Colombia and having lived in the US, my family is spread out around the world, far from where I now call home. When I started my own family four years ago, this meant that for my birth and postpartum time I needed to look for alternatives of support, for someone who could guide me in this journey because my core support wasn't in the same city I was living these life-changing experiences in. I needed someone I could really trust and feel comfortable with, who would value and respect my questions, fears, and wishes. Someone I could count on being there continously at every step. A doula is what I had been in need of during the demanding first year of pregnancy and parenting. Having experienced this huge need first-hand and believing every family deserves such reliable companionship, I started training as a full-spectrum doula bringing my baby with me to every training I could find. Being a mother and a doula are intimately related in my practice. Ever since, I have been accompanying families who come from all around the world in their birthing journeys in Berlin.

I have deepened my birth work understanding through the childbirth expert Dr. Michel Odent's paramanadoula symposium and have been certified as a birth and postpartum doula by DTI (Doula Trainings International), an educational and ground-breaking community that focuses on compassion and competence through cultural awareness, social justice and inclusivity in their full-spectrum doulas' education. I am currently enrolled in the Cultured Doula Program offered by the Gena Kirby University. This program further educates already experienced doulas in tolerant, respectful, open-minded subjects, especially centering itself in the culturally aware use of the rebozo, a sacred and ancient hand-woven cloth that I bring to every prenatal, birth and postpartum session I accompany. 


I gladly support families in either English or Spanish, while also being proficient in German. I believe everyone deserves this kind of personalized service and can benefit from it, for your own self, as a parent, as a couple, as a family. Being familiar with the birthing system in Berlin and its supportive network, I’ve been offering my doula care services to support families in their choices strongly believing everyone’s voice and preferences must be heard and respected. I offer my services so you can have continuity in the care of someone you know from the start, with whom you connect, someone whose first priority is you and your baby. My objective is that you can own your process and can empower yourself through it. 

about me

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birth matters

I firmly believe every single person deserves to have someone continuously by their side throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum time, whom the birthing person can ask why, how, what, when, who regarding their baby and their own body, choose for themselves, and trust that every interaction will come from a compassionate and respectful place. The atmosphere at hospitals involves obstetric violence too often and it remains mostly unquestioned. Care providers have little time to connect with the families they see (or fail to see), are overworked, their departments are understaffed, leaving them with the minimum in their hands and will. But birth matters. How every birthing person is treated matters. How babies start their lives matters. This is unequivocally true not only at a personal level but also at a sociological one. Not only will a family have a better start when their baby joins them if this happens in a respectful and loving way but also: how different can a community grow to be if each life’s first minutes stem from love, trust, and companionship instead of from fear, distrust, and trauma?

Birth preparation begins with our own birth, with our childhood experiences and the stories we hear that build an image of what birth and parenting can be like. How we learn and witness the human body makes a huge difference in how we care for it and decide about it. The education regarding our bodies is lacking more evidence-based and wholesome guidance and needs every voice that is willing to speak up. We are no longer watching birth unfold until we experience it ourselves ​and we fall into the unknown when pregnant​,​ preparing for birth with not a lot of time to open ourselves to its mysteries. With this in my heart,​ I'm creating a documentary series focused on the ​​possibility​ of us growing with​ and through​ one another's ​​​stories​ and the deep belief that birth matters.

This film series is called "birthmatters d o k u S e r i e s : berlin birth stories" (the first episode can be watched here: With birth companionship, birth work activism and creativity as a mighty bridge, I believe that we can emerge from a life of dispossession of our bodies leading to the re-owning and reclaiming of them and our birth rights.

If we are there, one birth at a time, if we can rewrite our bodily dispossessions and turn them into learning pages for others, we can be part of a big change. If lives begin surrounded by love and support, people will be able to have better and more peaceful relationships with those around them. Love brings love. Trust nourishes trust. I have seen it, having witnessed other families’ joy after an empowering, well-supported birthing experience. It is possible and it should be possible for all. 

 resources that inspire my practice


“Before I met Carolina, I didn’t know what a doula really is. She was more than just company. She supported me very well and removed all the anxiety I had during labour, breathed with me when every contraction came, and being in a big hospital, she was always by my side. I was clinging onto her as my real mum! I couldn’t have done this without her. I was really saved by her warm big heart.”


“Carolina is a particularly powerful resource for those families coming from other cultures and backgrounds who need assistance navigating German systems for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life. She is intelligent, deeply caring, and empathetic to the needs and wishes of babies and their families. She is able to connect with babies and children in an exceptionally responsive way. I learned a lot about interacting with my baby and subsequently small child from watching her. I strongly believe that anyone will be very fortunate to have Carolina help them through the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the first months with a new baby. Carolina is simply a gem with an unusually high commitment to helping new families with her knowledge, intuition, intelligence, and heart. ”



“I don't speak German so navigating a new city with two small children was a bit daunting but I wasn't sure what would be available in terms of 'help' as I didn't want a nanny, childminder or nursery. It turns out Carolina, as a postpartum doula, was the perfect solution! It was easy for all three of us to quickly like and trust her. She was very helpful discussing many issues including toddler behaviour, baby sleep etc. I would describe Carolina as intuitive, empathetic, calm and very knowledgeable.”


“Carolina supported me a lot during my pregnancy and after giving birth. For me, she was a very lovely friend. On top of her all-round help, she  really listened to me.”


“I want to recommend the services of a doula who helped me a lot after my birth. After giving birth, so many hormonal and other big changes happen and it is so worth counting with support from a well-prepared doula, if the mother needs it, especially emotionally. She is sweet, very well prepared, she is a mother herself and knows what it feels like after giving birth. Carolina pointed me in the right direction with what I needed, heard me and even helped me find a midwife. I recommend her 100%.”


“Carolina has such a gentle, intuitive touch with babies and is very caring and kind… exactly the kind of presence you would want at your side in childbirth and postpartum.”


“As soon as we found Carolina, we knew that we had found the right person. She immediately put us at ease with her gentleness and warmth. As new parents, we were often worried about whether we were doing everything wrong, but watching Carolina, who was so confident, reassuring, and obviously skilled with our daughter, we felt like we had found someone who could give us advice. We’re so grateful that we had her help during our time in Berlin, and we know that anyone lucky enough to work with her will feel the same”



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